PictureBox is for businesses

PictureBox is all about creating rich content and meaningful engagement with your customers with our open air photo booth.

Many businesses prohibit customers from taking pictures in their establishments. They may do do this for many reasons, it may be out of concern for other customers privacy, it may be because the content may show the establishment in an unfavorable light, but mostly it's content taken in their business that ultimately won't yeild them any meaningful promotion.

Enter PictureBox. Your customers want to have fun in your business, they want to show off themselves, they want to show off your products, they want to be noticed and they want to have fun. PictureBox helps your customers do all of those things and allows you to promote your business, create valuable marketing content, and present your business in the best possible light.

PictureBox is for events

PictureBox is perfect for parties, weddings, marketing parties and corporate events. We will brand every picture taken with a water mark of your choice and store all of the images on a server where you can retrieve them later.

We use a Digital SLR camera in each unit so the pictures are rich and produce high quality pictures that will capture your memories richly or that you can use later on for promotional purposes.